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We’ve been on the road for two months now. Time flies when you’re having fun. With this blog we’ve been able to share some of the great experiences that we have had so far. What we haven’t shared are all the times we’ve fucked up. Here’s where we went wrong in the first two months:

I ordered a pair of Outlier pants to Taylor’s  place in San Francisco, but I mistakenly sent them to number 436 instead of 1436. We investigated at 436 with no luck.*

We booked a 4:55 AM greyhound bus online in San Diego and arrived at the station to be told that we couldn’t get on the bus as the office wasn’t open to print our tickets. We had to pay the driver directly (Read bribe) to be able to pass the border. 

We were charged $500 Mexican each for our tourist visas at Tijuana airport, which according to every other traveller we’ve met are free everywhere else. 

I managed to break one of the teeth of the micro USB connection on my phone so that it wouldn’t charge and slowly died.**

I broke my earphones while boarding the back of a truck in Zipolite. 

Things I’ve lost:

  • I lost Julie’s phone (Moto G4) including two sim cards. It fell out of my pocket on a hammock in Zipolite and we only noticed it was gone when back at Mazunte. Despite GPS tracking and Julie interrogating half the town we didn’t get it back. 
  • I lost my grey beanie on the sideline at Lei-Out. 
  • I lost one merino wool sock at CNU Tournament. 
  • I lost my new replacement earphones while waiting for a bus back to Palenque. 
  • I left my Decathlon silk sleeping bag at the hostel in Oaxaca city.***
  • Finally today to top it off I realised I left my ATM card in the machine in Palenque. 

The last known photo of Rory with Julie’s phone

    The above are all first world problems for sure but hopefully by putting it in a list  and taking the piss out of myself I’ll be more careful for the coming months.
    *Thankfully they sent me another pair of pants for free to the correct address. 

    **The phone was fixed today in a shop in Ocosingo by my new hero Jorge. Hooray! 

    ***The sleeping bag has been found and will hopefully be collected by our pal Thomas when here’s there next week. 

    Bonus photos

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    One thought on “Fails

    1. Liam on said:

      Lo mismo casi me pasó a mi en un Greyhound de Pittsburgh a Baltimore, pensaba que podías mostrar tu billete en tu móvil pero al parecer se quedaron en el año 1993. Tuve que ir a la oficina para imprimirlo y casi perdí el camión.

      Ya nunca viajo con Greyhound! BoltBus o Megabus son mucho mejores.


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