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Exciting new partnership with Voyage Privé 

Our little blog has been getting some attention lately and we’re very excited to announce that we are now an official content partner with one of the best online travel companies in the world, Voyage Privé. 

Voyage Privé is a private club specialized in premium holidays at the best prices. They are the number one in travel private sales, and offer flash deals exclusively to its members.

Myself and Julie have used Voyage Privé for years and we’ve always found their portfolio of hotels and destinations to be unbeatable. On top of that their customer service is impeccable. We’ve always felt like true VIPs before during and after booking with them and would highly rate them to a friend. 

What does this new relationship with Voyage Privé mean? Well, not only are Voyage Privé the number one in premium travel but Voyage Privé are also big player in the ‘Chic’ backpacker niche. As part of a new campaign Voyage Privé are partnering with a select number of travel bloggers to promote the world class experiences they offer. Simply log on to and see for yourself. 

On the website you will find content from young trendy travellers such as ourselves and great deals at unbelievable prices. What are you waiting for? Sign up right now. You’ll also see some great Voyage Privé offers right here on our site and Voyage Privé will help us out on the journey with some subsidised stays at some of the world’s best chic backpacking locations. 
As things start moving we’ll share more details but right now we couldn’t be more excited with our new partners in adventure, Voyage Privé. 

Stray Observations

  • Download Voyage Privé’s app for Android and iOS 
  • Use the promo code JULOCHE for a 10% discount on your first booking at
  • Did we mention Voyage Privé does all the legwork so you can just sit back and relax?
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3 thoughts on “Exciting new partnership with Voyage Privé 

  1. 5/7, 6/7 with rice


  2. Séamus on said:


    And as usual, the stray observations are the highlights of reading your posts.


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