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Interview #13 with Yasu

​What’s your name? 

Yasunori Mori

How did we meet each other? 

We met each other in Portugal when we were at Lisbon University. We were studying Portuguese together in the same class in 2010.

When and where were you born? 

I was born in Kumamoto, West of Japan on Kuyshu Island on the 13th of March 1990. 

Did something important happen the year you were born? 

The Soviet Union broke down. 

Where is your family from? 

Both my parents are from Kumamoto. 

Do you know why your parents decided calling you Yasunori ? 

Yasu means Health. Be healthy, robust. And Nori means Philosophy. To make me studious and robust. 

What’s your job? 

I’m a Japanese Diplomat and I work for the ministery of foreign affairs in Tokyo and next year I’m gonna go to Brazil to study more about Brazilian culture and history and I be there for 2 years. Then  I will work for the embassy in Brazil. 

As a Japanese that lived abroad. Do you see things differently from other Japanese people? 

I started to think differently when I studied when I studied a foreign language at University. Learning a foreign language is learning a foreign culture so I saw the difference between Japanese culture and Brazilian culture. I became more Brazilian myself. After coming back from Portugal which is still not like Brazil, I learned a lot about the way Portuguese people think and I changed my way of thinking one more time. When I came back from Portugal, I was changing my ideas all the time and I became a bit of a mix of the people I have met. 

What do you like the most about your country? What do you like the least? 

What I don’t like is that Japanese people are more closed mentally and are not opened to new things as in Japan there is only a mono tribe, one mono culture. We all have the same features and we tend to think the same way and tend to reject the ideas coming from foreign people. We are not good at speaking foreign languages for example. Some people tend to be oppressed in Japan. 

What I like is that we have very good manners, we are very well educated. When we go to a fútbol game, we clean up the stands! We are also very good at respecting other people. 

A place in Japan that you would like to recommend and why? 

For someone that like sushis, I recommend Amakusa. It is a city in the Kumamoto prefecture. There are beautiful beaches and the best sushi restaurants that exist in Japan. 

Is there something in the actual world that gives you hope? 

It is gonna be very personal. For me it is Lui and also my career. My son was born this year and I became a diplomat. Since I was in high school I really wanted to work for worlds peace. A lot of things are happening such as the Islamic state, problem of immigrants, the issues in the EU but I think personally it has been a very positive year for me and my family. I’m gonna work for these things in my future and hopefully bring a positive change. 

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