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Interview #14 with Miki

​What’s your name? 

Miki Fujii

How did we meet each other? 

You were my friend’s classmate at University of Lisbon in 2010.

When and where were you born? 

I was born in Aichi in Japan on the 6th of October 1989.

How come do you speak such good English? 

I’ve been living in the US from 8 until 13 years old. At first I hated my family for taking me to a foreign country but now I enjoy a lot speaking different languages and being more open minded. 

Did something important happen the year you were born? 

I think that’s the year the wall fell in Germany. 

Where is your family from? 

Both my parents are Japanese. My mum is from Aichi and my dad is from Gifu. 

Do you know why your parents decided calling you Miki? 

So my name can be divided into two words. MI stands for Future. KI stands for Hope. They named me Miki so that I could always have hope in the future… 

What’s you job? 

I do business planning at a manufacturing company for car parts. It is called Denso Corporation. 

As a Japanese that lived abroad. Do you see things differently from other Japanese people? 

I believed yes. I think it is more than one thing but in general I feel that a I have a point of view as Japanese but at the same time I have the point of view of a foreigner, I can figure out how people look at us. I can stand in different positions.

What do you like the most about your country? What do you like the least? 
 I like the politeness and how organised we are. If there is a rule we just stick to it. As Rory said, in the train we just wait and queue politely and let other people come out. I like the fact that we are modest. I also like the fact that Japan is so peaceful. We are very disconnected from the war. 

But at the same time they are other things I don’t like, Japanese people are too shy to express their feelings and since we are very organised, we are not flexible enough. We are lacking that “jeitinhos” that exists in the Brazilian culture, that “let go”, flexibility. Let things get along and just have fun. We are too serious sometimes. 

A place in Japan that you would like to recommend and why?

Culture wise : Kyoto. Because it used to be the ancient capital of Japan one thousand years ago. They have a lot of old temples. It is definitely worth visiting. I would also recommend Okinawa. It is an island south of Japan with very beautiful beaches and it is also very warm all year around. It is a more relaxed atmosphere than the rest of Japan. 

Is there something in the actual world that gives you hope? 

A good thing that I’m really appreciating is the time we are having right now. It has been 7 years we haven’t seen each other and we are together right now because thanks to the internet we could still connect and meet again. Well also because flights are cheaper nowadays we can get easily connected! I think this is really precious because this is something you couldn’t really buy. You know we’ve talked about it. It might not have been  possible for our parents generation but for us it is just so easy and I value it so much. We are also open minded and we become more global, we don’t have that mental wall to other people. I personally know meeting people can open doors to you. 

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